About Creative Arts Temple

I Am

I was formed because a lot of different people
expressed the desire to have a place of worship which
would retain the age-old warmth and fire of
Yiddishkeit and combine that with a sense of
accomplishment and pride of the contemporary Jew.

I was shaped and molded into a Temple where all
people can come and worship with peace,
understanding and love. I was nurtured on the respect
and dedication of many whose commitment to the
ideals of a congregation who could best serve G d
and man and woman through the joy of Judaism.

And because of the commitment, hundreds of
worshippers attend my Friday night services, the first
Shabbat of every month. They sit and enjoy; I house
them and kvel. I hear their prayers, I hear their
singing. I especially love their handclapping and

Yes, laughter, a commodity not unfamiliar to our
people. It has helped us through pograms and plagues
and holocausts. It is part of our hearts and akin to our
souls. From the humor of the Shtetls to today’s stage,
screen, radio & television. Wherever we go laughter
has preceded us, from Sholom Aleichem to Zero Mostel,
Jack Benny, The Ritz Brothers, Danny Kaye,
Dick Shawn, Phil Silvers, Mel Blanc and many more.
Laughter is as much a part of the Jew as is a
cross-tie to a railroad,
a suspension cable to a bridge.

To worship without laughter is a disservice to G d. To
incorporate its myriad of giggles into sadness and
emotion and feeling and pensiveness,
is like adding that lump of sugar to the glass of tea.



P.O. Box 241831 Los Angeles, CA 90024

P.O. Box 241831 Los Angeles, CA 90024